What are Managed Services and Who Needs It?

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Way More than Just IT Support

Managed Services is much more than IT functional support, it involves services like, recruiting, resource engagement, payroll, background verifications, data security, data storages, management and monitoring of databases, effective network management, and any other systems management. Companies such as Collabera, offers services mentioned above, so that the client can focus on their work and expand their businesses without worrying too much about the IT infrastructure. Companies who offer such services are known as MSPs or Managed Services Providers.

Managed service outsource companies can augment a present IT department for the valuable usage of other companies. MSPs will prove to be useful to any corporate or government customer in many ways. Managed Services at Collabera, goes way beyond IT services, product maintenance and product migrations. We ensure Business Continuity practices and high-end technology solutions. We are a chosen vendor, for all the outsourced services that a company needs to scale their business.  AI, Big Data, Cloud, and Enterprise Software Solutions – we can get these done.

Latest Market Software

Managed Service Providers frequently use the updated and the latest equipment and tools, ensuring that the services that are performed state of the art tools or applications are up to date. A company will be able to reduce or remove the requirement to purchase new hardware or the software of the computer, specifically in the enterprise-level infrastructure. Most of the MSPs work for a monthly fixed payment, so there are absolutely no financial surprises or any other unexpected invoices that you need to pay in between your contracts.

Managed Services advantages

What are Managed Services and Who Needs It?

Flexible Engagement Models

Your monthly payments get altered or modified only when you are going to add or remove any specific services that you have promised the vendor. MSPs may work and maintain safe and secured centres of data. The outsourcing companies will offer specialist skills and resources amongst their staffers in the IT department, so your teams and staffs don’t have to spare their beneficial time for acquiring any new skillset that most of the applications and tools are dependent upon.

Global Development Centres

Another benefit of managed services is implementing applications and web services in a Global Data Centres (GDC), offering managed services on a wide scale where operations and IT staffs can easily access these data without any hassles to retrieve any required information.

These kinds of services could involve a help desk in the offsite, assisting your IT and non-IT staffs when required and offering advice to the other department in case of emergencies and trade service disruptions.

Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

Managed Services Provider protocols are all about offering business continuity during the times of disasters, shortage of staffs, or any obstacles that are causing hamper to your business operations. It also assists you in running your businesses during stressful situations by deploying their staffs. Most importantly, all the outsourcing companies will help you proactively by offering reactive services. MSP companies like ours will also be able to anticipate your developmental requirements by adding routers, software, storage devices, and web servers before they become necessary or critical.

Continuous system testing ensures that the infrastructure in your IT department is ready to monitor and handle whatever challenges that emerge in the business processes. In addition to the stretched-out IT teams and overworking schedules, you need to find someone who will be able to utilize the managed services. Potential clients would include start-up organizations that lack financial resources during the initial time to hire their staffs, developing established organizations that might require financial requirements for specific IT services or communication abilities.

Start-up Support – Go #GLocal

Global #Start-ups also offer services relating to the specializing business like the accounting firms, financial institutions, insurance agencies, etc. which can focus on running their businesses rather than spending their time and money to build IT infrastructure within the company. IT becomes more complicated and complex to handle depending on the size of the company.

Here are some of the best benefits of outsourcing your IT infrastructure and network systems to other companies:

Reduce the Amount of Risk Involved

Every investment that your company makes accompanies certain kinds of risks. The risks can be in the form of not meeting Government Regulations or deploying services that are vulnerable in the market, which you may not be aware of.

When you get in touch with an MSP, they ensure that all sorts of risk are well-taken care off and there are proper controls that are in place to mitigate all the risks. This is the reason and the benefit why you must consider an MSP as they lower the number of risks that are involved in a certain process and mitigate all the security issues by placing proper controls.

Proactive Solutions

The USPs of the MSPs is to offer the best experience and service to their clients and customers. Therefore, they ensure to offer the best solutions proactively for any discrepancies or issues caused by your business.

Although they will agree to offer solutions and advice only to a specific field or department, however, to offer you the best service, they tend to offer the best solutions to all the problems or issues that you might be facing proactively and off the books.

Controlled Spending & Effective Utilization of Resources

When it comes to spending capital, most of the companies hesitate as the bigger the amount is the higher the risks. If you want to have control over your investment and ensure that your resources are properly utilized, it is better you hire a company that will take of all these expenses easily. All the outsourcing companies ensure that you get a record and a statement for the expenses that are occurred during a month, mid-year, and every year. You get a detailed report for all the services and expenses occurred at the year-end and even most of the times during the month-end depending on the service provider.

Conclusively, these are some of the best benefits that MSPs offer that you can utilize for your benefit.


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