Master Vendor Program

Collabera’s Master Vendor Program is a one-stop solution for large organizations as it helps in managing supplier consolidation, resource transitions, payroll administration, and post-transition program.

Collabera acts as a single point-of-contact between the suppliers and the clients. We ensure to offer the highest level of services to our clients with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-defined processes, toolkits, and dashboard. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for our clients with a success rate in transitioning resources of 100%. Collabera’s Master Vendor Program also assures to control rogue spend, risk exposure, and rationalize supplier portfolios.

Our services under the Master Vendor program include:

  • Managing vendors through sole point of contact.
  • Reducing the risks associated with co-employment.
  • Leveraging Collabera’s existing collaboration with sunset suppliers to access crucial resources.
  • Managing contract employees and mitigating liabilities faced by payroll/pass-though management.
  • Allowing Collabera to deal with processes related to invoicing, remittance, timesheet, and administration thus saving considerable amount of time and cost.
  • Encouraging diversity spend through credit.
  • Forecasting and decision-making through Insightful analytics and reports.
  • Fostering seamless, effective, and efficient transformations through cutting-edge accelerators, frameworks, and toolkits.
  • Formidable, all-inclusive systems to enhance the entire sub-vendor management process.
  • Turnkey resource management incorporating activities related to compliance, on-boarding, training and development, and off-boarding.

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