Collabera India – Technology and services

The pace at which technology is changing is unprecedented. It is creating an enormous pressure on the IT leaders, worldwide, to adapt to the changing technology and stay ahead of the competition. Companies worldwide are constantly on the lookout for qualified professionals to ensure they that they are able to utilise the emerging technology and make the best of it just by buying technology would not help, they need professionals to make the best of the available technologies. Emerging technologies like Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing are some of the most in-demand technologies today and companies cannot even imagine not using these technologies. And it is extremely challenging to find the perfect resource, especially for emerging technologies. This is where Collabera, the world leader in providing staffing services and solutions, can help companies in finding the right resources to meet their business needs.

Collabera has the right system, processes and the team of expert recruitment professionals to ensure that all our client’s requirements are fulfilled in the least possible time and in the most cost-effective manner. It has been providing IT staffing services to the Fortune 500 clients. Collabera’s team thoroughly understands the emerging technologies and are well trained in finding resources on emerging technologies like, Big Data, Internet of Things, DevOps, cloud computing and many others.

Collabera has been a preferred supplier for most of its clients. Consistently ranked amongst the top 3 supplier by more than 90% of its clients. Senior VP of one of the top 3 companies said, “Collabera is my first choice for large projects that require a high number of highly qualified technicians. We chose this company as the sole supplier for one of our major clients’ key projects; Collabera has provided more than 60 employees with expertise in various technologies. The company achieved this within a tight schedule and budget, and managed resources on our behalf, minimizing the reduction of personal composition in a highly stressed environment. Collabera has definitely joined my trusted partners.”

Main areas supported by technology and services

  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile technologies
  • Data virtualization
  • Big data
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Social media
  • Development and maintenance of the application
  • Development and engineering of the product



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