Collabera India – Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Health Care

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Life Sciences industry have come a long way and it keeps on evolving with the introduction of new technologies. A lot of creativity and innovations are pumped into this industry with the introduction of technologies like Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing. All the pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are desperately trying to make proper use of the technological advancements, just like any other industry, so that they are not left behind. The major challenge the companies in this sector are facing is the lack of trained resources.

Collabera, with a proven record of supporting major pharmaceuticals, life sciences and healthcare companies in the world, is rightly placed to support the requirements of this industry across various segments.

“Collabera’s commitment to providing us with the professional services deserves to be distinguished. Not only Collabera invested in a new office near our headquarters, but the quality of candidates proposed by them allowed us to save valuable time in the selection of resources. In just six months Collabera was in the top five suppliers and maintained its status since.”  Senior Vice President, National Health Company.

Major Areas supported in Pharmacy, Life Sciences and Health Care Industries

  • Human resources management system
  • Claims management and insurance
  • Managing customer acquisition and relationships with them
  • Management of outpatient patients
  • Management of hospitalized patients
  • Radiological information system
  • Electronic medical records
  • Decision support system
  • Pharmaceutical management system
  • General commodity management system
  • Laboratory information system
  • Asset management and monitoring
  • Finance
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Data warehouse/business intelligence
  • Mobile technologies



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