Collabera India – Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

The continuous advancement in technology has impacted the Banking, Financial Service and Insurance sector the most. Technologies like Big Data, Analytics, IoT has revolutionized this sector in particular. There is no doubt that these technological advancements are offering opportunities for new products and services. However, all these technological changes are also creating challenges for the companies in BFSI sector as they are finding it difficult to adopt newer technologies at the pace the technology is changing along with the already existing challenges like geopolitical uncertainty, dynamic economic changes and regulatory risks and price pressure.

Collabera has a very extensive experience of working with top banks and financial institutions and has gained a comprehensive knowledge and expertise of working in BFSI sector. Collabera has been providing IT staffing and solutions to more than 20 institutions and helping numerous clients around the world by offering a broad range of services and solutions to ensure they meet their business objectives. Collabera has a team of highly trained and expert professionals who understand the needs of BFSI clients like no one else and offer the precise solutions to them.

“We had to increase resources before expanding into a new area. We chose Collabera as the only supplier. It not only provided us with over 200 good employees in 2 months, but also exceeded our expectations of service quality.” SVP of Fortune 100 Financial Company

Support for key BFSI areas


Retail banking, Business banking, Corporate and Investment banking

Investment management

Asset and asset management, mutual funds, employee benefits, investment advice, private banking and trust funds

Capital markets

Brokerage services (comprehensive service / discounts), trading and securities

Financial intermediation

Depositors, trustees and clearing houses

Regulation and assurance of compliance

Risk management

Credit risk, operational risk and risk management in an enterprise




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