What Do Candidates Look For In An Employment Agency?

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Recruitment Agencies

Recruiting is not easy, if you want to do it the right way. Calling people from a list of database and sending them for an interview to your hiring manager is not recruiting. Staffing companies and recruitment agencies have the power to influence a human being. It is indeed a great power and with that comes great responsibility.

Employment agencies more often than not focus on getting more number of candidates for the interview or create an improved database of prospective employees. Very few staffing companies pay attention to intangible issues like creating a good candidate experience.

You, as a recruiter or someone working in a staffing services agency, are the first touch point of the company for the candidate. It is imperative you make a good first impression so that the applicant is interested in working with the organisation and forms a positive perception about the company.

Every prospective employee gives your company a golden opportunity to create a positive word of mouth, a good brand ambassador and a loyal customer for life. Would recruiting companies not like to pay a little more attention to his experience and interaction with your company?

Very few recruiters or recruitment companies really care about the opinion of an applicant. Applicants are considered as those who are desperate to get a job in your organisation. However there is a thin line between being desperate and being aspiring. Aspirations are driven by inspirations. Is your company able to inspire the candidate to give his precious time and efforts to work for your company and make it grow? Think about it like this and you will soon realise how important an audience or customer is your candidate whom you will interview soon.

You may or may not select him but you will surely leave a lasting impact on him. Whether you want this to be a negative impact or a positive one depends on you. What are the ways to create a positive impact on the candidates? How do you win hearts of your candidates? Are some of the obvious questions that ring in our minds.

Here are a few tips to win over your applicants and create a positive perception of your company:

Accept and Recognise

When a candidate applies for a job by posting a resume on the website or job site or emailing it to the recruitment company, he has high hopes of getting the job. At least acknowledge receipt of this resume. What you have just received is not just a resume but a bundle of hope. Respect his feelings and be slightly more sensitive by dropping a line saying a –“ thank you for applying” or “we will get back to you” or “you may or may not be selected but we appreciate you sending us your resume”.

It makes a huge impact when you hear from the other side. Otherwise its just a one-way communication which can be very disappointing for the applicant. He is more inclined to create a negative perception about the company in absence of any acknowledgement from the company.

Share Comprehensible Goals

Hiring is not the end, it is just the beginning of the fantastic journey of the candidate in your organisation. To make this journey productive and meaningful each candidate should be given clear goals and targets to achieve. If you have a clear job profile to share with your candidates, he will know that you are hiring with a definitive purpose in mind. Clear job profiles will also ensure that candidate knows what exactly is required and expected of him. There is no scope of any ifs and buts later on. You have enunciated your requirements clearly and your expectations are there on paper for him to see and decide whether he can fullfil it. This will allow the candidate to take an informed decision to go ahead with the process or not. Whether he goes ahead or not, he will surely know that this is one organisation which is crystal clear in what it wants. And will definitely put you on a higher pedestal.

Hear them out

Many a times recruiters go to take an interview with a laundry list of questions. While this can be a good starting point for fresh recruiters, it is important to listen to your candidates and frame follow up questions accordingly. This will give the candidate the impression that he has your ears and you are listening carefully to what he has to say. Weave an engaging conversation with him to understand his work and personal background, his interests, capabilities and attitude. A good conversation is many a times a starting point of a great relationship.

Respond sincerely

It is so stressful for someone to wait for the results of an interview he or she has given. The wait is so killing that many a times candidates get impatient and start making follow up calls to the HR manager or the recruiting agency. To avoid this, it is best to revert to the candidate on how the interview went and what is the feedback on his performance. A two-line note is enough to put his anxieties to rest.

Most of the times organisations take longer to finalise a candidate or the application gets stuck in some internal process. It is better to keep the communication gateway between the candidate and the company open. Give him clear timelines so that he can have realistic expectations from the interview process and no longer carries a grudge in his heart even if not selected.

Believe in them

A great recruiter is the one who has the ability to influence the candidate and make him believe in his own capabilities. There might be situations where the candidate is right for the role but is not convinced to take up the challenge. Good recruiters who strongly believe in their organisations and know the value of their position have the ability to convince the candidates. The crux of the matter is having a positive attitude towards the profile and instilling confidence in the applicant.

Extend support

Good recruiters can read the mind of the candidates. They know the dilemma of changing the job or relocating to a new place or taking up a new role. Support your candidates in such situations. Understand what is worrying them. Guide them to overcome the obstacles. Support them by ensuring smooth HR processes and incentives to take up the job.

When you do most of the things listed above with full conviction and honesty you are sure to have an employee working for you for a lifetime. Even when he leaves you he will surely carry a very positive picture of the company with him and is sure to spread the good words about the organisation to others in the industry.

At Collabera we are not just another recruitment agency. We source the best talent for you. We work as your partner in becoming the employer of choice. We take care of fundamentals of hiring like reaching out to candidates, negotiating salary rates, setting career expectations, checking skill-sets and other hiring complexities. Besides these, we strive to become a collaborator who can advise you on strategic HR solutions and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Collabera has a highly dedicated, qualified and trained team of professionals who thoroughly understand various technologies and the needs of the clients. Our strength lies in identifying candidates with ideal blend of technical skills and relevant experience. Our years of experience and unmatched quality centric approach, can become your competitive advantage and help you realise your full business potential.

Collabera is one of the best global recruitment companies. It has more than 25 years of experience in supporting small, medium, and enterprise clients including Fortune 500 clients. Collabera has the team of experts who know everything about hiring candidates along with exposure to hiring and placing candidates in various geographies and skills. Be it technical or functional, Collabera ensures that the job seeker gets the perfect company in the least possible time and in the most efficient manner.


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