Top 5 Checks To Select The Right Employment Partner

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As the business grows, there may be a point when you feel that the rate of hiring and managing processes related to recruitment has increased. It may no longer be manageable by a small department.

At this point in time, you have to take a call whether you would like to manage the future hiring and recruitment process yourself by setting up an in-house team dedicated for this job. Or you would like to outsource the work to recruitment agencies and staffing companies.

An efficient staffing services company can ease your job of hiring and make it more productive. Employment agencies work as the face of the company to candidates. They not just outline the skills and experiences you need but also provide a glimpse of the company culture and specifics of the working style.

It is therefore very crucial to select the right hiring partner. Here are a few tips that can help you select the right recruitment companies.

  1. Reach and network check

The true value addition of recruiting companies is getting good quality of employees faster. Good employment companies generally have a good network to get the right candidate quickly. The employment agencies source candidates not just from one place but have a wider reach like job fairs, job sites, social media etc. Check if your partner is well equipped to fulfil your hiring needs at a quick pace but at the same time is able to maintain a high quality of hiring standards.

  1. Research and insights check

Beware of agencies that exaggerate the industry statistics to win an account. It is important to have a fair understanding of the recruitment scene before you can calibrate your hiring requirements. The right hiring partner would give you insights on what’s trending in the labour market, how is your competition hiring, what are the new hiring HR trends in recruitment and last but not the least who are the right candidates for the vacancy.

  1. Transparency check

You can outsource the job of souring the candidates to a placement agency and still have full control on the hiring process. A good agency will have clear terms and conditions related to roles, responsibilities, goals and targets for hiring. A regular audit or meetings with the team can keep things transparent and under your control.

  1. Service check

You should set the expectations of services very clear before hiring the employment agency. Partner with an employment company that has a full team of experts enthusiastically working to get you the right people. Not just that, they should also provide support on any queries related to salaries, taxes etc to the candidates even after the hiring process is complete.

  1. Branding check

If you work with the right agencies, they would happily represent you as an employer of choice in front of the candidates. They also take care of branding on social media


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