Onboarding – A Critical Step of Permanent Employment Journey

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Once a company hires an employee permanently, the next step is to prepare for his onboarding.

Onboarding is the action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization to familiarise him to the company’s ways of working, its products and services, customers, clients, and colleagues. The procedure and comprehensiveness of on boarding programs varies widely across organizations. Those permanent employers who have “best in class”onboarding procedures are rated very high by the employees as well as permanent employment agencies.

Onboarding not just acclimatises the new joined employee to the work environment but also allows the organisation to develop successful, committed and mutually beneficial relationships with them. Some of the things a smooth onboarding integration program includes are:

  • Training
  • Group and roundtable discussions
  • Meetings with key function owners
  • On-the-job learning
  • Individual mentoring
  • Field visits and product experiences
  • Site visits and shadowing programs.

There are no set rules to the process of onboarding. It differs from industry to industry. Some companies follow structured and systematic procedures. While others prefer “sink or swim” strategy, in which new employees often struggle to figure out precisely what is expected. This process makes an employee understand the norms of their new workplace the hard way.Whether a company wants a formal or an informal onboarding approach, the HR manager should be clear on which approach serves them well.

Informal onboarding refers to the process where an employee learnt about his or her new job without an definite organizational plan. Formal onboarding refers to an awritten set of policies and procedures that enable an employee to adjust to his or her new job role in terms of both tasks and socialization.

Research shows that organizations that engage in formal onboarding are more effective than those that do not. This is because the formal process of onboarding comprises of step-by-step programs for new employees to teach them what their job profiles and roles are, what the rules of the company are and how they are to behave in the organisation. Formalonboarding follows a fixed sequence of activities. These sequences are timed carefully. If followed carefully they contribute in developing organizational role models.

Some other variable HR managers should  look at with respect to a firm’s onboarding procedures is sequencing. The numbers of new hires grouped together is an important aspect to look at. It may look trivial but is an important parameter of how supportive the company is—an intangible that is always difficult to measure.

The pillars of successful onboarding are often called the Four C’s. The degree to which each organization leverages these four pillars determines its overall onboarding strategy. The Four C’sare:

  • Conformity: Conformity and compliance include teaching employees basic legal and policy-related rules and regulations.
  • Clarification: Clarification refers to ensuring that employees understand their new jobs and all related expectations and executions.
  • Culture: A company’s cultures and customs form a critical fabric on the organisation. It is a broad category that includes providing employees with a sense of organizational values and ethics—both formal and informal.
  • Coordination: Coordination refers to the vital interpersonal relationships and information networks that new employees must establish within the company and his teams to make work execution a smooth sailing.

While the above Cs look simpler, they are hard to achieve even in big organisations. Do not shy away in case you need formal advice on establishing these in your organisations for a smooth onboarding experience as part of your permanent employment strategy.

At Collabera, we offer a comprehensive range of permanent employment services.  We act as effective partners in finding the suitable candidates based on client requirements and company culture.

Our dedicated team of expert recruiters specialize in sourcing, placing and onboarding strategies across various domains. The recruiters are experts in finding professionals in IT, accounts and finance, and many other requirements.

Collabera’s client-centric permanent hiring model has proved to be a game-changer for many organisations. Our staffing agents not only understand the requirements thoroughly, but hire based on the work culture of the clients. This ensures the candidate who is placed is culturally and technically fit for the role and has realistic expectations from his role.

Some of the verticals we serve are: Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, BPO Hiring, Digital and Creative Products, Sales and Marketing, Technology, Healthcare, Project Management etc.


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