Is Your Employment Agency Future Ready?

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Is Your Employment Agency Future Ready?

Think about this scenario — your company is doing a great job of recruiting now and has created a great employer brand for itself. Are you confident that things will remain the same for your company in the future as well? There is a probability that everything is working well for you now and there is nothing wrong with your recruitment strategy and sourcing methods. However, recruiting patterns and candidates preferences change at the drop of a hat. Is your company or staffing services agency keeping a tab on what is trending in the job market? It is time for you to do a quick check on whether your hired recruitment companies and employment agencies are future ready.

What does it take for staffing companies to prepare themselves for changes in the recruiting domain in the future? Here are a few checks to find out if your recruiting companies are fit for the future.

Social media savvy

The percentage of companies recruiting through social media is on the rise. In such a scenario, it is imperative that recruitment agencies have plans to recruit through social media. This platform gives you more insights of the candidates than you can imagine. You would not only source better candidates in terms of skills but will also know if the person is a good fit for the company culture. So social media is a too good recruiting handle to be missed.

Healthy candidate pipeline

The job of a staffing manager or staffing companies is never over. Especially in the IT industry where the demand for skilled employees is huge. IT staffing agencies are always on their toes to get more applicants to the interview stage. In such a scenario, one should not wait for a vacancy to come up and then look for the candidate. It is always better to have a pipeline of candidates ready to be sent for interview for the right position. Good staffing agencies always keep in mind that the job of hiring does not start with sending a candidate to an interview. It starts much before that. Right from spotting a good talent, to interacting with him and convincing him to be part of your talent pool. All this requires time. To avoid last minute rush, it is always a good idea to complete these formalities beforehand and keep the candidate pipeline active.

Create an employer brand

If you work with the right agencies, they would happily represent you as an employer of choice in front of the candidates. They also take care of branding on social media platforms by responding to any questions that candidates may have regarding a particular issue with the company.

At Collabera we are not just another IT staffing agency. We source the best talent for you. We work as your partner in becoming the employer of choice. We take care of fundamentals of hiring like reaching out to candidates, negotiating salary rates, setting career expectations, checking skill-sets and other hiring complexities. Besides these, we strive to become a collaborator who can advise you on strategic HR solutions and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Collabera has a highly dedicated, qualified and trained team of professionals who thoroughly understand various technologies and the needs of the clients. Our strength lies in identifying candidates with ideal blend of technical skills and relevant experience. Our years of experience and unmatched quality centric approach, can become your competitive advantage and help you realise your full business potential.

Collabera is one of the best global staffing companies. It has more than 25 years of experience in supporting small, medium, and enterprise clients including Fortune 500 clients. Collabera has the team of experts who know everything about hiring candidates along with exposure to hiring and placing candidates in various geographies and skills. Be it technical or functional, Collabera ensures that the job seeker gets the perfect company in the least possible time and in the most efficient manner.


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