Do You Really Need An IT Managed Service Provider? Ask These Questions

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IT managed service provider

Do You Really Need An IT Managed Service Provider? Ask These Questions


The technology rally is no more about the financial muscle to invest in latest digital platforms, it is more about sustaining the speed of changes that occur in the digital world. Are you ready to take up this challenge and fight it in-house? Is managing IT infrastructure your core-competency? Do you want to focus on your business growth or digital transformation? Do you need an expert who can take care of all your network requirements?

Well, it is important you ask yourself these pointed questions if you want to stay ahead in this highly competitive digital world. These questions may look extremely daunting but you need not worry. There are experts out there who can help you sail through the sea changes in digital world.

May be its time for you to look for a managed service provider (MSP) company.  An IT Managed Service Provider company provides information technology services on contract basis. Its business model primarily rests on three pillars – Manage, Monitor and Support. Proactive maintenance, systems monitoring, remote and onsite support are some of the tasks a managed service company does for a client.

How do you make sure whether you really need a managed services provider agency? As yourself these questions:

Are your systems properly protected?

Security is a critical element of managing any technology. A reputed IT managed services company provides information security assurance to its clients. Good managed services Provider companies
would give real time support to proactively identify and stop threats originating from multiple sources. This is critical for a business in today’s era of high threat exposure.

Can you identify and manage system’s risks?

IT managed services Provider agencies have a well-structured and tested framework to identify and manage cyber risks. After identification, managed services provider agencies can help you mitigate that risk with the help if advanced systems solutions and technology skills. Their strong firewall allows you to defend any cyber breach. Intrusion detection, data loss prevention and other protection systems make your organisation ready to fight the deadliest of the cyber challenges.

Do you want to invest in setting up superior IT infrastructure?

MSPs invest in creating a world-class IT infrastructure. There are peripheral costs associated with digital platforms. Adequate storage, security, network bandwidth, training the employees etc are some of the overheads associated with setting up IT systems. These capital expenditures can be avoided by outsourcing the IT services to managed services companies.

Are you looking for flexibility to scale up and down?

It requires months or years to set up IT systems in a company. This may sometimes result in putting off new projects or facing backlog in delivery. Managed IT services companies already have the required infrastructure ready and can help you immediately with services which can be scaled up based on demand or scaled down based on customer need.

It can range from need of more storage and cloud space, requirement of higher bandwidth for a particular promotion campaign or coming up with a digital innovation to fight the fierce competition. A robust IT infrastructure is surely the backbone of a reputed IT managed service provider


Do you want to focus only on your core competencies?

An outsourcing partner is the one who takes care of execution of a particular function smoothly. This leaves you with ample time to focus on more strategic level issues that help your company growth.

You should select a MSP that frees you from looking at the growing problems of technology associated with your business. IT managed services companies can deliver excellent results, great quality of service and expertise in the domain of managing the information technology challenges and issues.

The moment you ask yourself these pointed question you will know whether there is a need for partnering with an MSP or not. If there is a need, make sure your partner with the right MSP.

At Collabera, our technical expertise remains our dominant strength. We have a strategic approach to providing IT management services. You can be assured of outstanding outsourcing experience with Collabera. Our services are cost effective, well researched, technically superior and extremely secure.

We offer scalable, flexible, and secured services using our client certified remote development centres in US and Asia-Pacific region. The services we offer include: App Development Services, Management of Network Services and Infrastructure, Managing Network Services . Our team of experts provides a unique blend of services to our clients in the field of Application Co-engineering Services, Network and Infrastructure Management,  Big Data and Analytics, End User Services, Cloud COE, Agile Transformation and DevOps and Integrated PMO Services.

We have client certified and secured proximity development centres in U.S. and APAC region that enable us to offer scalable, flexible and secure IT managed services.


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