10 Ways to Perfect a Company’s Job Application Process

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Employers like Collabera are looking to create strategies so that they can hire the right candidates for the job. To create an effective strategy, the employers are focusing more on the creation of right candidate job applications so that all the job aspirants know where they are getting into and what will be their job responsibilities. As the job economy gets tougher day by day, it has become difficult for all the job aspirants to step into the world with a placement offer.

What all the organizations and companies realize, is that a clunky experience of the application process, confusing interview question rounds, lacklustre communication modes, and no rejection-based communication, are creating a bad experience for all the candidates who are willing to give interviews.

Job Application Process

To attract the topmost talent in the competitive economy of resources, it’s very much important for all the employers to provide a delightful candidate experience.  Therefore, here are some of the best tips that a company like ours can utilize to make your candidate job applications process simple, yet effective:

  1. Experience it Yourself

Most of the companies, unlike Collabera are unaware of the fact that how bad it is becoming for all the candidates who are coming to give interviews in the same companies. The experience that they are gaining is pitiful and requires to be addressed immediately.

You can begin with putting yourself into the shoes of the candidates and think that how an application process should be more effective.

You will come up with interesting ideas and solutions when you think that you are a candidate who is going to give an interview in a reputed company or organization.

  1. Simplifying the Processes Involved

Most of the interviews that candidates give nowadays, they feel that it’s quite complex to understand. They are unable to understand why it is so difficult to go through the interview processes.

You can start with understanding the necessities of the application processes. If your application processes that are involved in hiring the right candidates are convoluted, you have to reconsider and redesign it by yourself. If the company needs a detailed application because of regulatory issues, then you should add a short video explaining all the necessary details which would simplify the process entirely.

  1. Prioritize the Communicational Standards

When it comes to offering a job and selecting the right candidate, what plays an important role is the mode of communication with the candidates. When you are selecting the candidates or interviewing them, you should communicate with them throughout the entire interviewing processes and keep them informed about the next steps. By doing so, you will be able to build a healthy and cordial relationship with the candidates and help them in determining where they stand.

  1. Clarify the Entire Process

Hiring processes in Collabera, are very much different from each other in every company. You should be helping the candidates by clarifying and simplifying the steps from the beginning to the end so that they would be able to get a clear picture of what to expect. You can also consider putting a flowchart on your official website that would help the candidates know how the interview processes work in your organization. In addition to this, you can also help your official email address so that the candidates can contact you to clarify any doubts that they have.

  1. Support all the Candidates during their Preparation

One of the most critical tasks for you to consider is supporting all the candidates during their preparations, provided if you want to do something different from other companies. You can assist them by sending out a communication package that would include what to speak in an interview and how to answer all the questions asked in an interview by the interviewer so that they can crack the jobs easily. These are some common methods that will help you in building a relationship with the candidate initially.

  1. Promote your Organizational Culture

The candidates who are visiting your office to give interviews will not be aware of the culture that your company has. They might have heard from some fellow workers or any relatives or friends who are working in your company, however, they wouldn’t be aware of the culture that your company follows personally. You can take some time off from your schedule and pay a visit to them personally to let them know how your office environment is and how it’s different from the others. Apart from this, you can also create a video and upload it on your official website like Collabera.co.in that all the candidates will be able to see.

  1. Facilitate Interviews Properly

Streamlining the processes involved in the interviews should also be included in your priority lists. You must have an associate who would be dealing with the candidates, greeting them properly, and clearing all the doubts during the interview processes. For long-haul interviews, you can plan breaks for the candidates that would include tea, coffee, or some snack offerings which can relax them a bit.

  1. Offer Tactful Rejections

In an interview, some candidates get selected, while some don’t. This is the standard principle of interview processes. If you want to do something better than the other companies, you can state them with the reason why they got rejected and what better they could have done, rather than stating that we will call you back in a while.

  1. Get Feedback from the Candidates

You can only improve when you get the appropriate feedback from all the candidates who have come to give an interview. Solicit feedback on the experience that the candidates are having through personal emails, phone, or by conducting a survey.

  1. Make sure that Candidates don’t wait for a much longer time period

When you are going to give an interview, you will come across hundreds of people who will be waiting in the queue along with you for various job roles. To enhance the experience of the candidates, you can use other department resources to screen the candidates, so that the candidates need not have to wait for a long period of time and waste their complete day without doing any productive work. These are some of the common methods that will help you and Collaberaite’s in creating a good rapport with the candidates and enhance their interview giving processes, irrespective of the fact that they are getting hired or not.


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